From farm to table



Premium Cannabis

The Crop Circle family sources fresh cannabis directly from Oregon’s premier, original medical growers. We collaborate with a close circle of family farms specializing in various organic cultivation techniques. The growers provide trusted cannabis strains that our chocolatiers then translate into a gourmet edible, allowing predictable traits of the plant to bestow your experience.

Our catalog of scientific testing since 2014 correlates a known transfer of cannabinoids and terpenes from the specific strain into our chocolates. The primary mission at Crop Circle is to preserve the inherent benefits of cannabis strains, from farm-to-table.


Handmade Kief

Kief refers to the resin glands (trichromes) of cannabis; the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant. We employ the time-honored tradition of processing cannabis to pristine kief at our Portland, Oregon in-house facility. Fun fact: the word kief comes from Arabic تكيف (kayf) meaning ‘well-being, or pleasure’! You may also know kief as the original ‘blonde hash’.

The cannabis plant has perfectly evolved over millions of years, and the use of kief enhanced in food to uplift our well-being dates back at least 3,000 years. We simply dry-sift the beneficial trichromes from the harvested cannabis, avoiding use of any chemicals in the process. Crop Circle Chocolate ensures a naturally predictable and pleasurable experience by allowing the true essence of the specific plant to speak through the edible. Our integrity is rooted in the quality of the active cannabis ingredient.


Real cannabutter

The renown craftsmanship of Crop Circle Chocolate relies on the historical tradition of infusing kief, a truly full-spectrum cannabis concentrate, with coconut oil. By means of culinary heat infusion, the plant’s cannabinoids are bonded to the molecules of the coconut. We then strain out all of the kief material and chlorophyll to be left with a clean and pure vegan cannabutter.

With coconut oil as the bonded carrier, our bodies absorb the full-spectrum cannabis as a recognizable food. The digestive system disperses the plant’s compounds into your blood stream with natural ease. This intentional recipe provides a more wholesome, full body effect and often longer-lasting than the typical gummy candy or chocolate bar edibles lacking in cannabutter infusion.


Gourmet Chocolate

We wrap up our strain-specific cannabutter in a 62% blend of Peruvian and Dominican cacao to create Oregon’s first chocolate truffle edible. Organic and Fair Trade dark chocolate elevated with the highest quality ingredients, available in five complimentary flavors; Vanilla Hazelnut, Mint, Ginger, Raspberry, and Orange-yuzu zest.

The final chocolate product is unrivaled in its consistent delicacy. The rewards of operating as a small-batch production team is found in each and every handcrafted truffle we place into boxes for you. This is a measurably safe and potent edible brought farm-to-table as an honest representation of the cannabis plant encapsulated in a wondrous chocolate truffle.