Crop Circle Family

Jeremiah and Todd’s activism with hemp legalization and adventures as stewards of cannabis began in the mid-1990’s. By 2006, each had started to perfect a career as medical cannabis growers thanks to the collaborative community of activists and ground-up entrepreneurs pushing for legal access to cannabis as medicine in Oregon.

These guys are cannabis strain enthusiasts because they truly know the plant as medicine from years of first-hand accounts. The Crop Circle family’s favorite strains to cultivate, provide, and consume over the past 13 years include; Dogwalker OG, GSC Forum Cut, Old Betsy, Sour Diesel, Nuken, Timewreck, Platinum Huckleberry Cookies, Cantelope Haze, Whitaker Blues, Durban Poison.

The original Crop Circle Chocolate recipe was born during these times when Todd and Jeremiah utilized kief product from the medical gardens to make truffles for patients, friends and family. It was in these initial stages of chocolate production dating back to Fall of 2014 that each of their sweethearts and other friends began to jump into the Crop Circle journey with them and Oregon’s first truffle edible landed on dispensary shelves with rave reviews! This hands-on, family-operated approach to the process of farm-to-table craft edibles is at the core of the Crop Circle product to this day.

Todd’s culinary degree and chocolatier training have seen him evolve into the lead chocolatier, while Jeremiah utilizes his previous classroom educator skills to organize and oversee the various stages of operations. All the while, the lively production team operates under focused determination to bring the end consumer a strain-specific, full-spectrum, cannabutter, gourmet chocolate truffle.
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